Tyler Peter



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Tyler Peter

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Tyler Peter



years active: 2008


stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.
Age (2008): 24
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 155
Hair/Eyes: Blonde / Blue
Sign: Scorpio
Hometown: Las Vegas, NV

Tyler Peter

Kyle Majors comments:
I met Tyler on my last trip to Vegas at some random club. I saw him from across the room and knew right away he had what it took to be a Cockyboy - and damn was I right! He said he'd only ever fooled around with a couple of guys and absolutely swore he wouldn't bottom out for anyone - I took that as a challenge. A couple weeks later I flew him out to LA and a couple drinks later he was taking cock like a pro.

NEWS RELEASE: May 2, 2008

Beverly Hills, CA – CockyBoys.com is thrilled to welcome 25 yr old new comer Tyler Peter into the fold of the cockiest and hottest boys on the web.  The edgy mid-western stud and avid porn fan is now under an exclusive contract with the fastest growing gay porn site on the web.

Tyler was searching for gay porn online when he came across Cockyboys.com and contacted them. “I was sick of the same old sites where  everyone’s “straight” and everyone is only doing it for money or everyone was a porn star.” Tyler said.  
   "I was seeing CockyBoys advertising everywhere. I saw a banner and checked out the site. They had such a slick and unique site and they  obviously had the hottest guys, so I contacted them, I just decided to see what would happen and that was that.  " He said.
   A week later Peter was flying to LA to meet with Cockyboys.
   "The video he took and sent us indicated we had just discovered a star." Says Majors. “Once I met him in person I was convinced.”
   It turns out that Peter has long loved porn and has always wanted to star in it.
   “We've been filming Peter in action over the last few weeks, and the footage is mind blowing.” said Kyle Majors. He goes on to say “The meeting could not have been more serendipitous and the results more exciting for gay porn lovers, once you see him in action you’ll understand.”
   Tyler Peter grew up on a ranch in the cowboy country of Wyoming. “It was real brokeback mountain type of thing”.  Tyler laughs
   After leaving Wyoming years ago Peter finds himself falling into a fantasy turned reality. He’s starring in the type of films he admired as a fan.
   “I like doing porn and I’d do it even if I weren’t getting paid" Tyler Peter said. "I can see myself doing it when I’m 40 if I could no matter what I’m doing in my life.”
   "Peter has a natural understanding of the art of pornography," Kyle Majors said. "He performs unabashedly and with complete concentration on enjoying the other actor. He's not afraid to be sexual with the other guy, intimately and personally. The camera is there to capture the moments, but it's not a distraction in any way. The camera helps Peter get off.  He likes and actually wants the witness but the camera never interferes."
   Tyler Peter is versatile but he loves to bottom and he takes it like a champ.
   "I like getting fucked on camera." Peter said. "I think it's bold and in your face."
   “I’ve never done porn before” he said. “I took the slow path getting into porn, I kind of fell into it but I've never had so much fun doing something.  I’m so glad that I’m a part of a fresh site with a different approach like Cockyboys because it’s real hot right now. I want to be working with them for a long time.”
   He loves the camera and Cockyboys.com is there to get it all on film for audiences to see.

Tyler Peter