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Nick / Randy Blue Nick / Randy Blue

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Nick / Randy Blue Nick / Randy Blue Nick / Randy Blue Nick / Randy Blue

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Randy Blue comments:
" Nick is a guy I found on my last trip to the east coast. I just walked up to him at his job and told him what I wanted to do. At first I thought he was going to kick my ass but then I told him how much I think people would love to look at him and he really loosened up. That's the way it usually goes. and they always loosen up when you tell them how hot they are. Nick is only 20 but looks very mature and believe me he acts it. He is totally straight and I don't think he has ever really met that many gay guys before. At first when I was working with him he looked a little terrified but soon he started to ease up and wanted to do a great job. Nick works as a trainer and has started to really get interested in the adult business as well. He loves the idea of people admiring his body and the attention it might get from some chicks. I shot Nick in one day at a house here in LA. Even though I knew he was a bit nervous and probably bit scared working with someone he barely knew he did a great job. I find his body sexy. It's manly and his ass is amazing. I mean really amazing its high and tight. Nick also has an amazing cock. Not too big and definitely not small. Just right! I am so excited to have this guy on my site and I think you will; find him very sexy as well. Enjoy it guys! " 

Nick / Randy Blue