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Nate @  Bang Bang Boys
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years active: 2007


stats / info:
Nationality: Brazil
Age (2007): 34
Height: 6' 2"
Race: white
Dick size: 7 1/2" uncut

Bang Bang Boys / Gavin Lowe comments:
Here is a new Bang Bang Boy - and he sure is a hottie. Nate has an amazing tan and I think he might be a bit of a bad boy - check out that cheeky glint in his eye. I got him to do this photo shoot, with the video coming next month. He decided not to do anymore, so enjoy this set as it is unfortunately is all we could get of sexy Nate!
   Nate was unfortunately a once only model. But hey I have to say I count my self lucky that I got this guy at least once. I met Nate in a local gym in Sao Paulo. He is a gym instructor and teaches the Spin class. A friend of mine introduced me to him and I asked him about doing some work for me. He went for it, so I invited him to my studio, and we managed to get him to do a solo. Unfortunately that is as far as this sexy guy would go.

Nate @  Bang Bang Boys