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Mitch at Sean Cody

Model Galleries & Video. Excellent quality. Straight guys doing not very Straight Things.


years active: 2088 - 2009


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Nationality: U.S.A.

Sean Cody comments:
Mitch is one of those guys who just makes you melt. Chiseled face, ripped body, big dick, giant nuts, and personable and smart to top it all off.
   He's 24 years old, straight, and works in a bank. He loves football and played both in high school and college. His position was something he called "strong safe." I have no idea what that is!
   Mitch just seemed happy to be here and he had to be one of the most accommodating guys I've ever worked with.
   When we asked him to flex, he said, "All right!"
   When we asked him to drop his pants, he said, "All right!"
   It wasn't until we made him run around the park without any underwear that he complained a little...
   "How are your balls?" our camera guy asked.
   "They hurt," he said. "No underwear. They're slapping all over the place!"
   It's understandable. Mitch has really, really nice nuts and they hang really low! It was kind of cruel of us not to give him a jock strap or something. But that's how we are sometimes!
   Mitch said he's straight, but I get the feeling that his "accommodating" personality might just be open for more.
   For now, he says he's only into girls, and that he's "single and playing the field."
   His favorite body part: asses.
   "I love asses," he said. "Big asses!"

Mitch at Sean Cody