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Miles at Sean Cody

Model Galleries & Video. Excellent quality. Straight guys doing not very Straight Things.


years active: 2009


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Nationality: U.S.A.

Sean Cody comments:
We do so much filming around here, it has become impossible for one person to do it all.
   We have a great crew of camera guys, and this has allowed me to sort of direct things from behind the scenes.
   However, once in a while, a guy comes along that is so charming and sexy that I have to say, jokingly, "This one's mine!"
   Meet Matt. He's 22, straight, and recently graduated from college with degrees in physics and math.
   I hadn't done an on-camera interview in a while, so I was rusty and actually kind of nervous.
   I started out by asking Matt what he was like in high school.
   "I ran with the jocks, I got along with the nerds, a little bit of everybody," he said.
   My voice cracked as I asked him about his sex life.
   "How many girls have you had sex with?" I asked.
   "Probably eight or so," he replied.
   Apparently, he loves anal sex without condoms and he loves to cum up a girl's ass.
   Of course, I had to have him flex and show off his absolutely beautiful physique. He's just perfect!
   And man, I had fun working the camera again. Just like the old days! 

Miles at Sean Cody