Beau Marcus


   SCENE 3: Adam Cooper (top), Beau Marcus (bottom)


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Beau Marcus
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dates active: 2007

stats / info:
Age (2007): 24

Bryan Ockert / ChaosMen comments:
Beau has healthy attitude about sex. If it feels good, he will try it. He has worked in the adult industry, on the sidelines, and after I worked with one of his friends (Erik) he emailed me asking me if I was was interested in working with him as well.
   Was I?!
   We did the photos initially, and after finishing the shoot, Beau was horned-up enough to ask if I wanted a cumshot. I usually don't ask the models to cum anymore for photos (Saving the nut for live video) but we had only planned on doing photos, and getting some high-res cumshots is always cool.
   He popped a nut and a couple weeks later I asked him to come back and do a solo video. His hair color had changed a bit, but the cumshot was equally hot.
   Beau is "mostly" a bottom, and like Erik, I will be putting him to work on the straight boys!

Adam Cooper / Adam Adam Cooper / Adam Adam Cooper / Adam
Video Number: 140
Cameron has the most amazing bubble butt, and I was determined to get the boy fucked. Beau is a great bottom, but he packs a pretty big unit, and was eager to break Cameron in.
   Well, this IS amateur porn, and things don't always go as planned. I had Beau eat out Cameron's ass, lubing up his back door, followed by a little dildo play.
   He sure looked like he was not enjoying the dildo (yet its kind of fun to watch him take it!). So instead of having him bottom, we switched gears and Beau had his ankles up in the air, and Cameron was fucking like a tiger.
   Anyway, this video didn't go as planned, (including one awkward cumshot) but we've got Beau busting his nut twice!

Beau Marcus