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dates active : 2006

UK NAKED MEN comments:
Lee is a sexy bald man from Leeds. And his joy for life is very evident in this video. As the camera starts rolling he jokes easily with us as we prepare to film him. And after he cums, you can hear him loudly exclaim, "I would LOVE a cup of tea!" And in between, Lee gives us quite a show! He reclines his long and lean body back in a red chair, puts his big black leather boots on the seat and slowly strokes his big pierced cock. He immediately relaxes and enjoys the feeling of his heavy cock sliding through his fingers. The camera continues to film as Lee' cum load oozes out of his piss hole and Prince Albert piercing and down his thick shaft and down to his big balls.
   Leeds lad Lee's the kind of guy you see in a club looking very cool - he has a perfect eye for style - but who's really friendly with it. He's very into his clothes but we can't wait to get him out of them and take a look at his amazing tattoos and piercings. His favourite piercing is the first he had done - a Prince Albert, which perfectly adorns his thick, 8" cock. I like the way the cum oozes around it when he climaxes.