Marcel Juras - Cute and Sexy Czech Gay Porn Performer 111663



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years active: 2007 - 2011


stats / info:
Nationality: Czech Republic
Home Town: Most
Height: 183cm/6'0"
Weight: 77kg/169.4lb
Foot Size: EU45/US9.1/UK8.6
Penis Size: 17cm/6.69"
Profession/Student of: Unemloyed
Hobbies: Box, Fitness
Favorite Sports: Box, Fitness
Active Sports: Box, Fitness
Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Roman Sebrle
Visited Coutries: Germany, France
Want to Visit Coutries: Iraq
Dream of My Life: Traveling
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

Marcel Juras - Cute and Sexy Czech Gay Porn Performer 111663
From William Higgins in 2007:
Marcel Juras is aged 26 and comes from Most. He is currently unemployed and enjoys going to the gym. Well what a stunning face meets us when we see Marcel. He is very handsome and has a great body too. He is reclining on the sofa, naked from the waist upwards. He starts caressing his chest and, with his jeans open starts playing with his dick. He shucks the jeans down a bit and reveals his dick,as it is stiffening. Soon is is hard and he seems to be enjoying himself as he wanks. The the jeans come off so we see Marcel fully naked and hard. I must say he looks a picture of perfection. It gets even better when he lifts his legs to expose his ass, and a lovely covering of hair on it and his legs. He spreads his cheeks for us, smiling as his does it, as if he is inviting us in. Marcel soon gets on his knees, as he gives us a further view of his lovely ass, with the hole so clearly exposed. Goodness he looks good, and is clearly a guy who loves to show himself off, and having shown us every part of himself Marcel stands and delivers a very good pop-shot. Then it is off to the shower to clean up and take a well deserved piss.

Marcel Juras - Cute and Sexy Czech Gay Porn Performer 111663
From William Higgins in 2011:
Marcel Juras is a real hunk. We actually first did a shoot with him in 2007. When he had been released from the Foreign Legion, and also had just left the Czech military, after breaking his arm in a parachute jump. We did an excellent erotic video with him, and thought he was an ideal candidate for another shoot with a Helping Hand. So we invited him back and he was keen to oblige. This shoot starts with Marcel, smiling as ever, stripping down and putting on wrestling togs, and then doing some stretching exercises. This gives us a great opportunity to see his package scrunched up in the shorts. Then he does a series of press ups, very well I might add, before stripping off again. Marcel then relaxs and starts to rub his body for us. He does look very good indeed, with some stubbly chest hair. The helping hand arrives and begins to oil Marcel's body and plays with his dick. In fact he fairly quickly gets Marcel in to a full erection. The dick looks so good as it is flicked against his stomach. There is soon some precum oozing from his dick, and the HH delights in showing us. Then his attention turns to Marcel's hairy ass. With his legs up the hole is exposed for some hot action. Fingers start to explore the hole, dipping inside, first one and then two fingers. Then it is on to vibrators, the orange one slides in very easily, and quite deep before the black one is brought into use. In it goes, and Marcel can certainly feel his tight hole being stretched. But as it comes out and the hands spread the hole so that it opens Marcel is back to giving us his winning smile. The HH then decides to push things a little further and two vibrators go into Marcel's ass at the same time, so that the hole is really nicely stretched. Finally the time comes for the pop shot and Marcel shoots a very good load, with a vibrator deep in his ass. Well it certainly turned out to be a wonderful scene. I hope we can do some more work with Marcel soon.

Marcel Juras - Cute and Sexy Czech Gay Porn Performer 111663