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CHAOS MEN (Chaos In Austin)
Photography Galleries and On-Line Video/Media (Quicktime & Media Player) from Brian Ockert.


dates active : 2007

stats / info :
Age: 24 (2007)

CHAOS MEN / Brian Ockert comments:
"Ahhhh..Jordan. Such a sexy guy!
   In the initial photos I had received he was clean shaven and baby faced, but when he arrived, he was all unshaven, and I was like WOW! I begged him to not shave for the photo/video shoot ahead of us.
   Jordan wasn't too sure about my call on the facial hair, telling me that it grows in too  erratically, but I was dead set on the scruffy look.  After the photo session, Jordan was, well, flabbergasted, at how different (in a good way) he looked all toughened up.
   As for the video, Jordan is one of those guys that can really look at the camera like he wantw you to come come suck his dick.
   He was a super fun guy to work with, and I hope to get him back for some action!" 

Jordan @ Chaos Men