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Jack - Frat Men
College Fresh, smooth and athletic men pose for Pavlov's Dog Studio for both Photo Galleries and on-line Streaming Media. Video/DVD sales avaialable as well.


dates active: 2003

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Nationality: U.S.A.

FRAT MEN / John Marsh comments:
Ahhh, Florida... Jack has lived here all his life, but he still can't imagine a time when he won't look forward to Spring Break. But for now, he's back to studying and running on the beach... looking forward to the time when all the kids come back down to play. In the meantime, Jack has figured out some ways to have fun by himself.
   Jack decides to reward himself after a long run on the beach by stroking himself in the study room. Later, he imagines what it would be like to have someone with him in the house's big bathtub. And finally, he just couldn't resist doing it one more time on the bed. 

Jack - Frat Men