Hung Honey  
One of the champions of selling personal effects (underwear, socks, etc.) on the internet. Offering custom orders with photos. No longer selling, but we felt it deserved a place here for the collectors of these items.




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MuscelService stats:
Height: 5'10"    Weight: 215 lbs.    Chest: 49"    Waist: 30"
Arms: 18"    Quads: 27"    Calves: 16.5"
Website:  Hunghoney   Location: Spokane, WA

    BananaGuide  excerpt from "eBabes 2001: An Underwear Odyssey" article

The Famous Hung Honey

I never got Hung Honey's real name and, frankly, it doesn't matter; the handle fits him extraordinarily well.

The Washington State-based 20-year-old works in nutrition sales, works out five or six days a week and works his impossibly buff bod – which he seems to have no problem showing in its full-frontal and fully-erect entirety – on both eBay and his own website. And it all started because of ivory figurines.

"I was doing some collecting of those and they've got a real erotic history, so a lot of them are listed in the adult section," says Hung Honey, who also found underwear sales as a result of just browsing through eBay. "Most of it at that time was just panties, but we thought we'd put some up and see what happened, and it went over pretty well."

Pretty well is an understatement; if any one person were to be chosen eBabe poster child (or, more appropriately, poster god), it would be Hung Honey. Since listing his first auction on Halloween 1999, Hung Honey has been featured on television (FOX News from New York actually flew to him to do a story; the flustered on-set anchors didn't know how to react afterwards), received "legitimate" modeling offers, posted numerous charity auctions and acquired countless friends and admirers. And while Hung Honey prefers not to reveal his sexuality ("I'm sharing enough, I figure there should be a couple things I'm allowed to keep to myself"), he admits that his clientele is strictly male.

"I've had a few women e-mail me and ask me questions, but I've never had a female buyer," he says. "I had one buyer that supposedly bought the pictures for his girlfriend and later asked if he could order some for himself, so I think there was something else going on there."

Something else going on with the more successful eBabes is customization. "People will ask what customization means and 99 percent of the time it's jacking off on the underwear or whatever they're buying. As odd as it is, I've had requests for skid marks and everything else," laughs Hung Honey, who also provides buyers with extra photos – and takes pose requests.

"They can request whatever they want," he says. "The only thing that I won't do is either something that's physically impossible, like positions I'm just not flexible enough to do, or something showing my face. Other than that, I honestly haven't had to draw the line yet."

    BananaGuide  excerpt from "eBabes 2001: An Underwear Odyssey" article

Hung Honey


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