Martin Grey



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   SCENE 2 - Ranch-hand Solos: Giovanni Delagioma and Martin Grey jack-off
   SCENE 5: Ranch-hands Martin Grey and Lucien Dickson fuck the boss Mad Stefano

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Martin Grey

years active: 2008


stats / info:
Nationality: Hungary
Height: 187 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Endowment: Really Fat

Martin Grey

Csaba Borbely interview exceprts:
I'm Martin, 187 cm tall, I weigh 70 kg. I am a cook student, and I have been playing football for 14 years. That is the only sport that counts for me. I started it even in the kindergarten, and therefore became a passion!

Csaba Borbely: Do you tend to watch porn movies and if so, what type?
Martin Grey: I like doing it more than watching it, but of course some porn of high quality are OK for me too.

What is your erogenous zone?
My neck.

Which type of sex do you prefer: hard, wild or soft, romantic?
It depends on my mood. But wild sex is closer to me.

Now an important question would come: are you gay or bisexual?
I'm bisexual.

Who is it better to have sex with: with women or men?
I think with men, because they are much more aware of what a man desires.

What would you alter in your body if there is anything at all?
I would really put on some weight. I would like to become more muscular, but because of soccer it is impossible, as I am always running. This spinning is part of my life!

When did you realize you like men?
At the age of 16-17 I realized I liked guys too.

What is the most difficult for you during a shot?
Keeping the positions and move as the cameramen requires...

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Martin Grey