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Franke @ Chaos Men Franke @ Chaos Men Franke @ Chaos Men
CHAOS MEN (Chaos In Austin)
Photography Galleries and On-Line Video/Media (Quicktime & Media Player) from Brian Ockert.


dates active : 2007

stats / info :
Age: 29 (2007)

CHAOS MEN / Brian Ockert comments:
"Franke is a tough dude. A guy of few words and a stern disposition, he was a hard egg to crack.
   He's a rough looking guy (dare I say "rough trade?) with a killer body and a fat uncut cock. He was a challenge to photograph as his expression ranged from tough to cocky, but I did manage to get a smile or two out of him.
   Yeah, its a solo, but I really like watching these uber-straight guys share their intimate time with us.
   Franke was dead set against doing any guy on guy work, so pretty sure this video was his limit, so enjoy 'em while ya can!" 

Franke @ Chaos Men