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Eric - Frat Men
Young Smooth American Men. Straight and Bi-Curious. The work of Pavlov's Dog studios and other.


dates active: 2005

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Nationality: U.S.A.

Frat Men / John Marsh / Pavlov's Dog comments:
We have our share of jock types in the house, but Eric is a paradigm. He boxes and plays football. He pitches a savage fastball. And he never misses a chance to strap 'em on for a knock down, drag out game of hockey. But you can have some insight into his other favorite activity by ordering Eric Up-close below.
   There's something about the spa that makes the guys want to jack-off and Eric is no exception. Fortunately for the other housemates, he steps out onto a chaise before he blows. And as often is the case, once was not enough, so Eric lets another loose in his bed. 

Eric - Frat Men