Toby Dutch Dutch GayPorn Star 128565

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Kristen Bjorn Productions:

CHAPTER 4: Lucas Fox fucks Toby Dutch & Leo Domenico
Toby, Lucas and Leo are led into a room naked and presented with their Professional Competence Test. Leo is pushed down onto the sofa and Toby forces his hard cock into Leo's tight ass with only a small amount of spit as lube. While Leo is adjusting to the hard cock in his ass, Lucas shoves his dark cock into Leo's mouth and begins to fuck him as well. Toby bangs away at Leo's ass and Leo shows his appreciation by begging for more. Now it is time for Toby to move to the center position with Lucas' cock deep in his ass and Leo's cock fucking his mouth. Toby loves servicing two cocks and his raging hard on is proof enough of this. With his incredible oral skills, Toby brings Leo to the boiling point as Leo shoots his thick and creamy load all over Toby's mouth and face. Toby moves in and sucks the last drops out of Leo's drenched cock. Leo then opens his wet hole up for Lucas. Lucas pounds away at his dripping hole as Leo pleasures himself. Leo begs to be fucked harder and for Lucas' hot load as Lucas continues pounding his ass. Lucas holds out as long as possible until that magical moment of no return arrives and unleashes his huge load all over Leo's balls, abs and chest. Toby has been so turned on by what he has seen and heard that he lets another load fly all over Leo as well. So, who passed the test?


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Kristen Bjorn Productions HEADHUNTING Kristen Bjorn Productions HEADHUNTING 
Kristen Bjorn Productions:  
   CHAPTER 1: Lucas Fox, Leo Domenico & Toby Dutch
   CHAPTER 4: Lucas Fox fucks Toby Dutch & Leo Domenico
   CHAPTER 6: Toby Dutch, Leo Domenico, Geoffrey Paine & Joe Gunner fuck Lucas Fox

Gay Porn Film Library Gay Porn Film Library 
Lucas Entertainment:  
   SCENE 4: Toby Dutch rides Maikel Cash

   SCENE 1: Toby Dutch Fucks Bareback With James Jones And Zboy 25
   SCENE 3: Toby Dutch Rides Raw Cock In A Bareback Foursome
   SCENE 4: Toby Dutch Gets Fucked In A Seven-Man Bareback Gang Bang

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Leo Domenico Toby Dutch
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Toby Dutch Dutch GayPorn Star 128565

years active: 2013 - 2014

known aliases:

stats / info:
Nationality: Netherlands
Height: 5'10
Weight: 170 lbs
Dick Size: 7"
Position: Versatile

Toby Dutch is young, blond, handsome, and ready to have fun! Toby is a horny son of a bitch who is always ready to have sex and he's up for anything. Whether it is sucking dick, fucking ass, stroking cock, whatever it may be, Toby is ready to have a good time on and off of the camera! And when he strips off his clothes and you see that body of his, you'll want to see him do as much as possible!

Toby Dutch Dutch GayPorn Star 128565