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dates active: 2007

stats / info:
Age (2007): 19

Bryan Ockert / ChaosMen comments:
Ahhh, there's nothing like the sound of foreskin snappin in the mornin'!
   Meet Devon, a genuine former high school basketball star. He's tall (you can tell by the video even!) lanky, and he has a long uncut unit to match.
   He's sweet on a girl, who he says he's gonna marry. She's given him permission to do videos with guys, but not girls. We will have to thank her for her open-mindedness!
   He grew up jackin' off in the shower, so his finale is one of the few standing cumshots I have on the site. I have to admit its pretty cool to watch his cum drip out of that dick.
   I sure do like uncut guys...hmmmmmm. Pehaps it's time for a Service showcasing the extra skin!?

Adam Cooper / Adam Adam Cooper / Adam Adam Cooper / Adam
Video Number: 158
OK, so another Serviced video basically back-to-back with Wayne's.
   Let me explain.
   When Zack got the Freshmen of the Year and cover, I did some last minute scrambling to rearrange the movie releases to get a Zack video online with the magazine. I normally try to balance the videos from solos, to sex, to oral only.
   So rather than mix my releases up too much I am stickin' to the original plan, which means yet another video of me suckin' dick- just days after me complaining that it was getting to be a bit much. There would have been a couple weeks between the two.
   There. That should explain it!
   I really hate to admit it, but Devon was likely the most uncomfortable guy who did one of these Serviced videos. Not saying he didn't enjoy it or get in to it, but he was more nervous than most.
   He's also got a big floppy dick that never ever seems to get completley hard. I think even for his solo he was a little wobbley through out. I think he's one of those guys that ends up bustin a nut semi-hard. So there is a lot of me with my hand in there, and I fear its a bit frustrating as its hard to get a clear view as I ham fist him.
   There is one cute part where he starts laughing. No, he's not laughing at me, but as you all know, the video and audio is playing on the porn he is watching. I never know what the heck is going on behind me, but apparently there was some pretty goofy things happening, and then the video kind of went in to an "plot with acting" scene, that is basically a boner buster for anyone. He really tries to not laugh, and its cute to see him try to stomp it down. I'm kind of glad it happened 'cuz he gave up on the movie and got in his own head space.
   And frankly he went from slightly grovin on it and wobbley, to hard and busting in under a minute. Before I know it he was poppin' a load!

Devon @ ChaosMen