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years active: 2008


stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.
Age (2008): 32

Chaos Men / Brian Ockert comments:
How about a big daddy slab of muscular beef for your Monday!?
   Degan is a married guy who is curious about dudes. His wife is eager to help him explore as they have done threeways with two women...and fair is fair.
   I actually asked Degan to grow his pubes out (I really need to be specific about what "growing back" means) and the back tattoo was a complete surprise.
   But then he got his clothes off and his big ole 9+ dick filled up and I was feeling less put out. Though he is all shaved up, his ass is perfect, and he loves showing it off and I think putting things in it.
   So it's pretty hot to see him finger his ass in order to shoot his load.
   Degan doesn't seem to want to explore "playin' with dudes" on his own, and is eager to try it all on camera. His one request is to get copies of everything for his wife.
   So I will for sure get him in for a Serviced video, and he even picked a guy on the site that he wanted to explore with, so look for more Degan in the following months.