Vincent DeSalvo - Randy Blue performer Vincent DeSalvo


UNZIPPED  October 2009


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Vincent DeSalvo - Randy Blue performer Vincent DeSalvo
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Vincent DeSalvo - Randy Blue performer Vincent DeSalvo
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Vincent DeSalvo - Randy Blue performer Vincent DeSalvo
years active: 2008 - 2009

aka: Vincent De Salvo

stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.

RANDY BLUE comments:
Vincent is one of those rare guys who just fell into my lap. Literally. I was hanging at the beach with a friend of mine and we just happened to set up our blanket near a bunch of hot guys playing volleyball. We figured it was a perfect spot to take in the scenery... and I guess there was an ocean there, too. There was one guy who caught my eye. His body was absolutely incredible, with a huge bulge in his tight shorts and sweat creating a light sheen over his gorgeous smooth musculature. He laughed a lot throughout the game and when he did he radiated a playfulness that made me think he would be a lot of fun to mess around with. Then, all of a sudden, this this handsome hunk dove for a ball and ended up landing right in the middle of our blanket. Luckily he was unharmed and when he got up he chuckled, apologized and smiled this blinding white, joyful smile. His name was Vincent DeSalvo and after the game I had to find out more about him. He said he loved the outdoors and his sexy body came from all the athletic activities he enjoyed. I told him what I did for a living and asked if he had ever done any modeling. He said that while he hadn't modeled before he had been a go-go boy. Then he got this contemplative look on his face for just a moment, then flashed that adorable smile at me and said, 'hey, I could model for you, right?' I didn't really need more than that, I made an appointment and he came in. He has such an innocent look about him that I wasn't prepared for his bad boy side to emerge. He went from his sweet smile to spitting in his hand to lube his dick with and finger fucking himself while moaning like a bitch in heat. And when he came you could hear it in the next county! Vincent has it all, good looks, a great body and an incredible sexual energy. 

From Unzipped "As we reported yesterday, Randy Blue star bottom "Vincent DeSalvo" - a.k.a. 22-year-old college senior John Gechter - was suspended by his alma mater, Grove City College, just weeks before graduation. It seems a classmate ratted out Gechter to school officials after he discovered the young stud was performing in gay porn."

Unzipped: Grove City College released a statement this afternoon, and they changed their story a bit. They say that you withdrew from school, and that your bisexuality had nothing to do with your expulsion. What exactly went down between you and GCC?
Vincent DeSalvo: So we compromised. They are letting me take my last two classes elsewhere, and I will still get a GCC degree—they're gonna mail it to me.

Unzipped: What's been the hardest part of this ordeal?
Vincent DeSalvo: Trying to patch things up with my family. When the college initially confronted me, they said, "You must either withdraw or we're calling your parents." I said, "I'm 22, and I'm paying for school myself. How dare you." I really didn't want my parents finding out from some random person. So I called and told them myself. It was a big, big shock for them. They were really quiet and withdrawn. My father said, "I'll always love you, I just can't believe this is happening."

Unzipped: The saddest part of the story I read in the Sharon Herald feature on the brouhaha said that you received little to no support from your classmates.
Vincent DeSalvo: That's true. Kids were throwing food at me in the cafeteria. I got 150 hate e-mails. And the thing is, it's a Christian school… Where's the love and humility? I'm very cynical about Christian institutions now.

Unzipped: Are you regretful?
Vincent DeSalvo: No. I'm thankful for the simple fact that this opened my eyes to the hypocrisy of things.

Unzipped: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Vincent DeSalvo: I'd like to have my doctorate and help people in a huge way with physical therapy. I'm fascinated with the human body, from micro to macro level. I'd like to work with stroke and accident victims to help them live independently.

Unzipped: Will you be continuing in adult?
Vincent DeSalvo: Uh, actually, yes. I'm flying to L.A. next week!
Maybe the guy (I'm assuming the classmate was a guy) who reported it was jealous of all the action Vincent DeSalvo was getting - imagine having sex with Brandon, Malachi, Jeremy and Leo." 

Vincent DeSalvo - Randy Blue performer Vincent DeSalvo