Cristiano Dante




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Cristiano Dante
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dates active: 2006 - 2007

aka: Christiano Dante

stats / info:
Age: 18 (2006)
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Home City: Prague
Height: 170cm / 5'7"
Foot Size: 42 (convert)
Weight: 60kg / 133lbs
Penis Size: 20cm / 7.9"
Profession: Car Mechanic
Hobbies: Sport, Dance
Favorite Sports: Box, Football
Active Sports: Box
Favorite Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Robert de Niro
Visited Countries: Cuba, Italy, Germany
Want To Visit Countries: America, Africa
Life-Dream: To travel all around the world

William Higgins comments:
" Christiano is a star, star, star. Turns out he's Czech with Italian DNA. That's the explanation for his flirting with the camera, flirting with the cameraman, and just about anyone else who happened to be around the studio. He's a compact stick of dynamite. I believe he's a prime candidate for duos. And, unless I missed my calling, they should be sizzlers." 

Cristiano Dante