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Olly Daniels Australian Bentley Race Rock Hard & Sexy Guy 128765


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This is Olly's second jack off video he made with Zac. I like watching Olly lube up his fat cock just before he pushes it in to that rubber fuck toy. Zac gets a great shot of Olly's big dick as he stands up above him. The guys had just finished taking a lot of photos of Olly pulling his dick out and getting hard. So by the time this video started Olly was ready to get off. Make sure you watch this video right to the end to see Olly push his cock right through the toy and cum starts pumping from the head of his cock. It appears that our cute mate is still erect as he heads in to the shower. Another very hot video from 19 year old Olly Daniels.

Gay Porn Online & Streaming Videos Gay Porn Online & Streaming Videos
After one very hot photoshoot with Zac, Olly is now ready to give his very first porn video a go. Olly put his pants and jockstrap up again for the start of this raunchy video scene. He spotted the fleshlight on Zac's bedside table and wanted to give it a go. Olly is already fully boned as Zac starts recording and soon Olly has his fat cock out and is coating it in lube so he can fuck the rubber toy. Our newest mate puts on a really hot show as he gets himself off with the rubber fuck toy. And the big grin on his face at the end says it all as he lays back covered in his own cum.


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Famed Australian exhibition and self-sucker brings you the men of Australia and from his travels around the world. Beside extensive galleries and video of Bentley himself, includes a host of men he has caught on film and in photos.


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Olly Daniels Australian Bentley Race Rock Hard & Sexy Guy 128765

years active: 2013

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Nationality: Australia

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You're gonna love our new mate with the big thick dick. It turns out that 19 year old local hottie Olly Daniels doesn't mind getting his dick out and showing it off. I thought he was pretty cute when I first saw his photos. But then my eyes nearly popped out when I saw the size of that dick stretching out of his undies. Olly came around to my apartment to meet with Zac to see if he would be okay with doing a shoot with him. But as soon as Zac met him at the door he said that the shoot was definitely going to happen. Olly Daniels is actually straight boy who grew up in country Queensland. He moved to Melbourne to finish his schooling here a few years ago. He has a girlfriend but also gets turned on in front of the camera... even when it's a guy taking the pics! Olly was already rock hard when Zac starting taking his pictures. And he had no trouble at all getting off when the time came to set the video camera recording. I love Olly's great fat uncut dick, as well as his white furry round bum. This boy has the whole hot package going on. Zac has already invited him around for another shoot!

Olly Daniels Australian Bentley Race Rock Hard & Sexy Guy 128765