Dominic Brown - Randy Blue Gay Porn Performer




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Dominic Brown - Randy Blue Gay Porn Performer

years active: 2009 - 2010


stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.

RANDY BLUE comments:
Dominic Brown gives off a certain vibe. He's got a very natural look about him, friendly and approachable. You would see him in a club and immediately be drawn to his handsome face, with that sexy chinstrap beard, and nice lean body. He's got an electric personality, someone you can spend hours talking to or fucking wildly depending on his mood. He loves sex and everything that comes with it, totally getting off on the fact that all you horny guys are going to be watching his video while jerking yourselves off. He put on quite a show in his debut video and I can't wait to see him with some of our other models. I can tell he's going to be incredibly hot while sucking cock or plowing someone's ass. He did such an excellent job of jerking off and once he spewed his thick sticky cum all over his bush of curly pubes he squeezed every last drop out and played with his cockhead a little to keep it going, which was so damn hot. 

Dominic Brown - Randy Blue Gay Porn Performer