Jake Broderick - Playgirl Nude Model




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Jake Broderick - Playgirl Nude Model

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Jake Broderick - Playgirl Nude Model

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years active: 2010


stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.

Dimi at Paragon Men comments:
If you’re looking for the boy next door, go next door! Otherwise, look no further than Jake Broderick’s stunning ass, shoulders, model face, and morning wood!! Jake is from Georgia and in person he’s nice and warm, just like a peach!
   At our shoot, he’s just getting out of bed and can’t seem to keep his clothes on! Jake works at a restaurant on the side, but his main source of income is modeling and the occasional gay for pay video. He is a man who has found his calling!
   And just how many scenes can Jake get into? He lost his virginity standing up over the girl’s sleeping brother. Pretty boy is kinky!! Gawk at his gag-worthy giant cock in our Penthouse! 

Jake Broderick - Playgirl Nude Model