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ManNet Interview (excerpt):

Mack Boudreau, a super-masculine COLT model and New York City bartender, recently sat down with ManNet's Brent Blue to talk about bartending, modeling and life in general for a humble-but-fierce muscle man about town. -- Butch Harris

BB = Brent Blue [ ]
MB = Mack Boudreau [ ]

MB: Yeah, you sort of smile and let it go and they end up getting the message sooner or later. After the COLT calendar had come out, a couple of customers came in with the calendar, and that was weird.
BB: That was a different life.
MB: Yeah!
BB: You mentioned the COLT calendar. How did that all come to be?
MB: About two years ago, when I was on Fire Island, I got approached to do it. I thought it was a joke. I was talking to this guy and he said he wanted his boyfriend to meet me and I was like, "I know where this is going." And when he told me who his boyfriend was, I felt like a jerk. I really didn't think he would call. And he called later that month and I went out and shot with them. It was one of those things that I really didn't think would ever happen and it did.
BB: Had you ever done any modeling before?
MB: Yeah, but not like that. When I had first come out, I remember seeing COLT and being so infatuated. I even remember a friend of mine in L.A. dating a COLT model and I was like "that is greatest thing!"
BB: That's a lot of people's ideal. Still, after all these years.
MB: That is such a die-hard we'll-always-be-there ...
BB: The type has never changed.
MB: No. It's something that every gay man can relate to.
BB: How do you mean?
MB: As far as COLT markets a fantasy or an image, you know, cowboys, cops, construction workers. And I think that's something every gay man can relate to.
BB: Was it difficult to do it the first time?
MB: Yeah, it really was and I was really fortunate that he was such a sweet man. A lot of time in situations like that, when it's your first time, they can really be nasty about it. And he wasn't. He was the sweetest most relaxed man.
BB: Was it a hard decision to make?
MB: No, not really.
BB: I know so many models, especially with print, obsess so much right before the shoot. You know, can I take off another two pounds or something?
MB: I didn't do that and it's funny that as soon as I got the folio test back and I looked at them and it was a really eye-opening experience that these are forever, but I can see the next time it happens being obsessed with looking right. That's what I was thinking about.
BB: You know what to look for now.
MB: Yeah. Until you see yourself in something like that, you don't realize that every little inch and detail shows.
BB: When you saw the pictures and you saw that it was you, you're a COLT model, did you feel that you fit in with all those guys you had seen years before and all the fantasies associated with them?
MB: What's funny is that when we were doing the actual photo shoot and he handed me a bunch of Polaroids and he told me to look through and tell him what I liked and what I didn't like. I was like, "wow!" and it wasn't registering that I was one of them. But I have a tendency to be very hard on myself. I looked at little things and worried.
BB: That's natural. What was reaction to it from friends and family?
MB: No one had really anything negative to say.
BB: How about strangers? People suddenly coming up to you, like you mentioned, in the bar.
MB: That's sort of the thing I never really thought about. I had a lot of people coming up to me and saying that they saw the pictures and I thought, "now you know what I look like naked." It's sort of a mind game or something like that.
BB: But, at the same time, you could look at it the other way: they've seen me naked and they are still coming up to me.
MB: That's right. And that's the way I should look at it and I don't.
BB: People won't go up to anyone they weren't impressed by.
MB: During IML [ ], I was in an elevator, just going out to get some coffee in the morning and this man and he said, "Is your name Mack?" And I was like "no, not really" and he said "I just saw your pictures" and I thought "Uh-huh. It's way too early to be talking about this!" But, he was so sweet and so gentlemanly.
BB: Have you done modeling since then?
MB: Yes. I've done some work for a photographer who used to live in Los Angeles ... and it was totally different. It was more editorial, and I did some local stuff for H/X and stuff like that.
BB: Something you would continue to do?
MB: We'll see. I don't have that all-American boy look. The look I have is very limited.
BB: [Stunned] Limited by what?
MB: A lot of things are so all-American boy or young boyish smooth hairless. I'm not that. I'm too hairy and bearded, a very limiting market sometimes.
BB: But, you look at what's out there and those images are thrown in our face mainstream-wise, but yet look at magazine racks and you'll see it's pretty diverse. Anyway, since the interview is being done for a porn site, I have to ask, would you ever consider doing a video?
MB: No.
BB: Have you been approached to do it?
MB: A long time ago.
BB: Someone sees you in a COLT calendar and ...
MB: You know, it's sort of funny that I don't look at the pictures for COLT as being porn per se. It's a little bit different. It's male photography.

Feb. 3, 2002
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