Trent Blade - College Dude 247 Gay Porn performer



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Trent Blade - College Dude 247 Gay Porn performer
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years active: 2009


stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.
Height: 6.2
Weight: 175
Age (2009): 23

COLLEGE DUDES 247 comments:
Trent Blade is a stunning young man with a sincerity about him that is unmatched. He is also a really funny guy - he really cracked us up texting and talking on the phone before he arrived. At any rate, we are really glad he is working with us, because Trent is a hottie that you will all enjoy!
   Trent Blade is a tall, sexy hunk from Pennsylvania. He has great pecs and arms, and really knows how to work his dick for the camera! We could tell when we first met Trent that he loves showing off, so we did not waste time getting Trent out of his clothes onto a couch. Trent gave us more of a show than we bargained for, too! He not only likes stroking his dick and rubbing his muscles, but when he spread his ass and showed us his sweet pink hole right before he blew his load, we were hot and bothered ourselves.

TRENT BLADE comments:
My name is Trent, and I really hope you like my vids. I love hanging out with my friends. Even though my friends are a little crazy, I like to play it cool. I pay alot of attention to my bod and hit the gym alot. When I am not at the gym I usually like to chill at a party or watch a movie. 

Trent Blade - College Dude 247 Gay Porn performer