Tomas Bayer - Czech Gay Porn Performer



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Tomas Bayer - Czech Gay Porn Performer

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years active: 2009 - 2010


stats / info:
Nationality: Czech Republic
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Home City: Ostrava
Height: 175 cm / 5'9''
Foot Size: 17 (convert)
Weight: 68 kg / 151 lbs
Penis Size: 17 cm / 6.7''
Profession: Pornactor :-)
Hobbies: Skiing
Favorite Sports: Skiing
Favorite Movie/Music/Sport Stars: Nelly Furtado
Visited Countries: Greece
Want To Visit Countries: USA
Life-Dream: BMW M3

William Higgins comments:
Tomas is a darling from Ostrava. He has a great face and a body that will attract many viewers. Let’s not forget his very attractive dickie do. Oh, love the puka shells.

Tomas Bayer - Czech Gay Porn Performer