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Bryce Barrington
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years active: 2008

aka: Brice Barrington

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Nationality: U.S.A.

RANDY BLUE comments:

I will never forget the day this handsome guy burst into my office with a huge grin, happily exclaimed how excited he was to meet me, and warmly introduced himself as Bryce Barrington. I love enthusiastic people, especially when their enthusiasm has to do with getting naked in front of my cameras and showing of a really hot body. And with Brice, this was exactly the case. This guy loves life and you can tell he loves his body. He works hard in the gym getting it toned and has a great time showing it off. He's even said that knowing all you Randy Blue members out there were going to be getting off to his photos and videos really turns him on. He's very active and one of his favorite things to do is hit the heavy weights at the gym as wall as rollerblading and snowboarding. And it's a good thing he's so active because another of his favorite things is eating. He can eat a whole pizza in one sitting but when you work out as much as he does, he can afford to. This video is great. Watch how he runs his hands over the light hairs on his gorgeous chest. His biceps flex as he touches each of his hard pecs. And by the time he releases his rock hard cock from the restraints of his underwear, it springs to life and begs for attention. But never fear, he gives it all the attention a cock could want and then some. Brice is a very sexual creature and you can tell that he doesn't just jerk his cock, he makes love to his entire body. And the breathy moaning and sexy talk he does is almost like a musical soundtrack to a video that's so hot you won't want it to end. But soon enough, his face and neck flush a bright read and he squeezes out a nice juicy load. And hopefully you will too.

Bryce Barrington