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Alex - 113523
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Alex - 113523 Alex - 113523 Alex - 113523 
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dates active: 2006 - 2007

aka: Alec (Blake Mason)

stats / info:
Nationality: U.K.
Age: 24
Job: Shop Assistant
Height: 6' 0"
Waist: 30
Size: 8 inches Uncut
Build: Toned

Alex - 113523

UK NAKED MEN comments:
Able seaman Staynes is definetely one of the best lookers we've had. From those lovely pale blue Irish eyes, to the abs you could scrub your smalls on. Staynes is building up a sweat as the sun goes down, and he's glistening all over as he unbuttons his sailors pants to lob out his long, thick cock. It takes a while to get all the clothes off but pretty soon he's butt naked and what a butt, as firm, juicy and fuzzy as a peach. We'd like to find fault with him, but he's pretty much perfect. As lean and toned as possible, with a rock hard everything. You'd be covered in bruises when he climbed off.

BLAKE MASON comments:

solo feature, 12/04/2007
Get ready to get hard – very hard indeed! You see, this gorgeous guy just about has it all; a winning smile, captivating baby-blue eyes, a tight defined body and a nice big 8 inch uncut cock. He’s sexy as hell and his cock is absolutely rock hard throughout this shoot – and yes, I was in seventh heaven filming him ;-)
So how did I find him? Well, truth be told he found me through one of my online profiles and sent me a message. And there he was, waiting for a reply while I was away on holiday. Needless to say I messaged him right back and a few hours later we were chatting on the phone – there was no way I was going to let this one slip away!
The following week he arrived and I eagerly ushered him on to the sofa and off we went. He’s got a great personality, is very warm and friendly and wasn’t the least bit shy about getting his impressive hard cock out for the cameras. In fact he put on a very, very satisfying show and come the end, well, you can guess what happens ;-)

Alec and Grant
going all the way, 29/04/2007

As you might have guessed from Alec’s solo debut film, I was absolutely smitten with him and his gorgeous uncut cock. I knew I had to see him in action and I just knew the perfect man for the job. And as it happened, Grant had decided he wasn’t done with entertaining the world just yet, so here’s one great come-back film!
Yum yum yum! These two stunning fellas were not only here for your pleasure, but there own too. The kissing is passionate, the cock-sucking is intense, the rimming is frantic and the enjoyment is just all too evident. Man, these guys weren’t working… they were fucking loving every inch of each other’s bodies…
Talking of fucking, Grant was pretty keen to get Alec’s nice big juicy cock deep inside his tight ass – and somehow I got the feeling Alec was equally eager. Hmmmm, what a sight to behold – Alec slowly slipping his meat in to his latest fuck buddy and then pumping away with determined vigour – simply great ;-)

Alec and Tristan
going all the way, 17/06/2007

For those of you who are familiar with Tristan, you’ll know that he has a certain, wild, animal nature about him. You see, he loves nothing more than a fine, energetic romp around the bed and Alec was very eager to play ball with the tiger! So much so that at times, I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen next ;-)
The guys certainly had chemistry – Alec sure seemed to enjoy and encourage Tristan’s nibbling and biting – he was even reciprocating those lustful, raw moments of man sex that only seem to happen when two guys absolutely fit each other like a glove… there simply is no mistaking real passion! From the blow-jobs to the rimming, from the nipple biting to the ass-fingering… Alec was loving it:-)
That said, these guys also felt a very real bond between each other while humping and pumping around on my bed. By the time they began fucking (and hey, I couldn’t believe that Alec wanted to bottom in this one!) the mad, lustful passion turned in to sensual, intimate love making. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a switch in tempo between two guys, but hey, this one is quite a magic film ;-)

Alex - 113523