Aiden - Sexy Corbin Fisher Gay Porn Performer 127335


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Aiden - Sexy Corbin Fisher Gay Porn Performer 127335

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years active: 2010 - 2015


stats / info:
Nationality: U.S.A.
Age: 24
Height: 5' 11"
Build: Muscular
Waist: 32
Weight: 196 Lbs
Cock: 8" cut
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Shoe: 11

Aiden - Sexy Corbin Fisher Gay Porn Performer 127335

Smoking is bad for you. I don't smoke. I never encourage people to smoke. But after shooting Aiden's solo … I need a cigarette. Right NOW. Aiden is one of the hottest, most engaging and flat-out amazing guys we've ever had at CF. He's got superstar written all over him.
   Aiden's smile is boyish and charming. His body is built like not one, but two or possibly three brick houses. If there is a god of college jock guys, he just sent me the answer to a lot of people's prayers.    This outgoing 23-year old lifts weights at the gym three hours a day. It shows. He's also an artist and juggles his free time between drawing and working out. I'm curious about what Aiden likes to draw. Maybe some nude self-portraits if we're lucky!
   Aiden's had his first sexual experience when he was 17. He met a girl at a party and they went to her house. He said it was over too quick - "I was a 'two-pump chump.'" I don't think anyone could ever classify this hunk as a chump! He laughs a lot and seems very comfortable in his skin. He clearly enjoys his life, and his sex life.
   Aiden notices a girl's eyes and smile before he
notices anything else. He loves girls with long legs and a nice ass. One of his favorite things to do during sex is to take a girl from behind so he can reach around and play with her clit while he kisses her. He mimes this for Pete. It conjures up some great images, and I suddenly feel nicotine cravings.
   He says a lot of girls can't take it when he slams full-force into them - "Balls slappin', I love that!" I make a mental note to find someone who CAN take Aiden full-force.
   Aiden says he doesn't jack off often. But he promises when he does jack off, he really gets into it. He soon proved he was telling the truth!
   He doesn't drink or go out that much, and is pretty picky about girls, but he is single right now. Aiden likes older women and reveals he's had a long standing crush on his art teacher.
   Aiden loves older women because they're more experienced, and even had sex with a college girlfriend's mom! If Aiden was any less cool and self-effacing, he would sound like a dog. Instead, he's so appreciative of everything, you just want to cheer him on for anything he does. After Aiden flexes and shows off his sculpted muscles, he strokes his long cock. He hasn't jerked off in two weeks. He jerks with an entertaining intensity. He rubs his massive chest. Aiden's fingers linger in the deep divide between his huge pecs.
   He slaps his cock against his stomach a few times. "Sometimes you just gotta smack it against yourself," Aiden says. I'm not sure why, but its sure looks and sounds hot!
   Aiden strokes the shaft slowly. "Oh god, it feels so good," he says. He gets on his knees and moans as he grabs his ass and strokes his cock.
   Laying back down, two weeks of cum is about to explode. "Oh, god!" Aiden says, "I'm gonna come" His whole body literally convulses as load after load shoots out of his cock! Veins press against his muscular torso and arms as he hangs onto the chair.
   Aiden tells Pete he was thinking about his art teacher. He says he didn't think this scene would be so intense. He laughs, a little amazed at how much he came.
   And he tells us he definitely wants to come back. I'm heading out for that pack of cigarettes, now...

Aiden - Sexy Corbin Fisher Gay Porn Performer 127335